What to Do with Sadness

Baby Steele came into the world last week. And while I wish I could tell you that my exhaustion is from long nights of tending to a newborn, it’s not. My early pregnancy symptoms were waning in the weeks leading up to what should have been a nine week ultrasound. We were supposed to hear […]

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I’ve Been Going Blind

A month ago I came home from work with the anticipation of a migraine. The vision in my left eye had been blurry for the last several hours, so I knew it would happen at any moment. I lay down to take a nap, figuring it was due to a lack of sleep. But the […]

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We Need You.

I love Colorado summers. Their evenings welcome you to fire up the grill in the absence of humidity and bugs. Summer is when mountains whisper sweet nothings to valleys and promise the gift of water as snow melts from their peaks. It’s when everything green and beautiful wake up and realize they need sunshine, so […]

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What Hurts

  Last night I found a drafted post of mine from over a year ago titled, “What Hurts.” I quoted Earnest Hemingway and then talked about being homesick and feeling broken as I lived in Glacier. I said that I felt weighty, that I was crying under my duvet, that “I didn’t realize my decision […]

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