What I Found in Glacier.

Curled into my down comforter, the box fan in my window is blasting crisp fall air into the room. The contrast of welcoming warmth and biting breeze could not be more perceptible. Autumn is here in Montana, and we seasonal workers are stirring to move on to our new winter homes. Sentimentalism mixes with the […]

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When Life Looks Perfect.

From the time I left Georgia a year ago to work seasonally in the National Parks, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard “can I have your life?” or “your life is so much cooler than mine!” In the beginning I took those remarks as innocuous compliments, but then I realized how dangerous […]

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Because You’re a Woman.

“Because you’re a woman,” were the words I heard as I asked why I should be the one to vacuum the dining room floor at work the other night. And I know he meant it as a joke, but the words stung like lemon in a wound, and I knew there was at least an […]

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How It Started.

Darkness. And a silence that could deafen any listening ear. A void so deep only time could fill it. And then a Whisper. A Whisper so soft only straining ears could sense it. Tingling and mingling particles together, it gently filled the void. A Light. Beams of illumination gather together and slice Darkness like a knife […]

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My Montana Plot Twist.

My eyes are a little sleepy and heart a little full as I write this. The skyline of Las Vegas fills my windshield, and as my body fills the passenger seat of my “Lola” the Corolla, I can feel my lips turn up their corners into a sheepish grin. Because I only have sixty-eight days […]

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